Hareruya retail stores are a place where customers can interact through Magic with each other and our staff.

Store operation The first real shop of Hareruya shop opened in Tokyo ? Takadanobaba in July 2010.
Although it was popular as a card game specialty shop at that time, it was popular with a clean and spacious free play space and a substantial inventory, but in August 2013, as a "Hareruya Tournament center Tokyo", relocation & renewal opening I did it. "Hareruya Tournament Center Tokyo" today as the world's largest magic specialty store, a free play space boasting up to 330 seats and a high quality service that players gather from all over the world can comfortably sponsor as "Magic Holy Land" We continue to receive.
After that, as the first branch in October 2014, "Hareruya Narita store opened in Chiba ? Narita city" and the first opening to Kansai in December 2015, "Ogakuya Osaka store opened in Osaka ? Umeda "We also join two stores, we continue to operate in various places.
We are planning to open stores all over Japan and will continue to challenge to provide service quality of sunny days at various places.