Each year Hareruya organizes many large-scale events.

"Grand Prix ? Chiba 2015" gathered about 3,000 tournament participants gathered at
Makuhari Messe with 3 holes, is still the best record in the country, and the next year's
"Grand Prix ? Chiba 2016" is a student's participation Innovative attempts using free
systems and in-house developed systems were globally appreciated.
In addition, we hold events held using the vast play area of our own stores, like a
complete invitation system with a winning prize of 500,000 yen and a title game of
Shogi giving "title fee" to the title holder The tournament has also been well received.
Those events are broadcasting Nico Nico live broadcasts and live broadcasts with live
live broadcasts, and in addition to winning a large number of viewers, through an
attempt to display sponsorship and sponsors' logos, "Make Magic a single
entertainment "We are working on the goal of"