~Making Magic Exciting!~

Thank you for viewing the Hareruya corporate website. Our company specializes in retail business pertaining to the trading card game “Magic: The Gathering”.

"Magic: The Gathering", commonly known as Magic, is a game with over 25 years of history to it. It's an intellectual sport similar to chess connecting people from across the world. I grew up playing this game, and it has helped make me who I am today. In our company, a lot of the people have had the same experience with the game as me.

Although I started this business as just a small online retailer with a few friends, along the way I had help from many different people and the company is now Japan’s largest online retailer & game information site for Magic: The Gathering. Our flagship store “Hareruya Tournament Center Tokyo” allows for up to 310 people to play Magic at the same time.

Here at Hareruya everyone sincerely loves the game known as Magic. We constantly strive to create an ever more enjoyable environment for all, and introduce new people to the game. The thought that permeates our entire business is, how we can continue to help make Magic an enjoyable pastime for all.

Our greatest wish is “To unify the world with Magic: The Gathering”.

Going forward, we hope Hareruya & Magic: The Gathering will have your support!


President and CEO