Hareruya has developed its stores with the Trading Card Game culture.

In 2009, we launched an online store focused on "Magic: The Gathering," and in the following year, we opened a retail store, "CARDSHOP Hareruya" in Takadanobaba, Tokyo.
In 2013, we opened "Hareruya Tournament Center," one of the largest card stores in Japan with a capacity of 300 players able to play tournaments.
In 2016, Hareruya began to expand its stores, and now has over twenty "Magic: The Gathering" specialty stores throughout Japan.

In 2021, we opened "Hareruya 2," a store focused on Pokémon card games, in Akihabara Tokyo. While only a 2-minute walk from the station, this large-scale store occupies an entire building and attracts many customers.

The card game culture, which has a 30-year history, still grows all over the world.
As the trading card game culture continues for the next 50 or 100 years, the value as a "communication tool" will bring joy and smiles to many.

Our mission is "to create an opportunity for a world where anyone can enjoy playing card games".

We will continue to contribute to the card game culture through the development of our business as we open new stores throughout Japan, making the most of our expertise and achievements.

Your continued patronage and support are greatly appreciated.

Futoshi Iwata
President & CEO